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The Third Week of December

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

This was the last week of work before Christmas. How did that happen? It’s been so busy. I’ve enjoyed a pre-Christmas lunch with my work colleagues who I don’t see often as we all work remotely, relaxed after a spa session with my daughter as I won’t see her on her birthday, and generally put my festive hat on. Here’s what else I’ve been loving this week…

A bowl of clementines. These beauties came from my local Aldi. I can’t decide what’s nicest: the oranges, or the lovely blue bowl that was my Mums? Either way, it’s just another one of those little December pleasures.

The Radio Times.  I have to mention it. It’s a reminder of my Christmas past! When the paperboy popped a crisp Christmas edition of the Radio Times through the letterbox, you could smell Christmas. Two full weeks of entertainment loomed. You carefully flicked through the pages to see what was on and maybe mark out in blue Biro the programmes to be consumed!

My first piece of stollen of the year. It always tastes the sweetest. Not sure how I held out so long. I’m a stickler for tradition, I suppose. No mince pies but I’m a stickler for stollen’s icing sugar coating and marzipan filling.

Listening to…. Benny Andersson (Of Abba) and his recently released album, titled ‘Piano’. I really love this album of Abba music. It was cleverly recorded so that you feel he is playing his grand piano right in front of you, no belting vocalists or orchestral arrangements. Just the beautiful melodies!

What are you loving this week???

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