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Eat The Season: Apple Chutney

When you have a glut of lovely homegrown apples what better way to preserve some of them than turning them into beautiful homemade apple chutney to last you through to next autumn.

There are lots of commercially available versions easily purchased from the supermarket, but I can assure you that they will come nowhere close to this homemade version.

More importantly, by making it yourself from whole ingredients, you will know exactly what you are eating-no colours, no artificial preservatives, just easily accessible wholesome ingredients.

And before we get down to the recipe, a quick word about jars - you don’t need to buy new ones (unless you want to of course). You can reuse jars and their lids if you thoroughly clean and sterilize them before filling with your chutney. Reusing jars is a great environmentally positive thing to do-and if you don’t have enough of your own ask your friends and family to save theirs for you. You will have plenty in no time at all!

Finally, although I have found that this chutney is tasty eaten straight away (I think this is because it contains cider vinegar rather than the stronger tasting malt vinegar). Generally, chutneys are best left to mature and to allow the vinegar taste to mellow for a few days or weeks if you can resist.

To the recipe – I found this easy, uncomplicated, and classic apple chutney recipe here by BBC Good Food.

Eat with…. roast crackling pork for a change from apple sauce, cold meats, and this chutney a perfect partner for your cheeseboard.

If you haven’t made a chutney before you’ll be pleased to hear it’s a lot easier than you might think.

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