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The First Week of December

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Its December and here we are at the end of another week. I’m not quite sure how we got here – the days are slipping by at an alarming rate and I still have rather a lot to do before Christmas. Everything is a bit like running through treacle at the moment – motivation, inspiration, exercise… but I’m trying to push on and keeping chipping away at things.

Last weekend I had a dear friend to stay, I have to say we go back nearly forty years, and we never stopped talking. A sign of good friends!

We had a visit to Harlow Carr Gardens and enjoyed toasted teacakes at Bettys with my Grandson.

We left just as the colourful lights were switched on for their Glow Winter Illuminations. It would be good to go back and experience the touch of garden magic in the dark.

We also manged a few hours amongst the bustle of Christmas shopping frenzy that York succumbs to at this time of year.

The Christmas market in York was crammed full of stalls and people so we escaped for hot chocolate and mince pies.

Although the festivities are ramping up a gear I am pacing myself at home. Decorations are in progress, cards purchased and online shopping underway. And recovering from yet another virus!

This week has also been about:

Listening… to a delightful little radio programme featuring children’s author Shirley Hughes. It’s all about her memories of teenage dances during the Second World War. It’s only half an hour long, and an altogether soothing one at that. Listen to it here.

Reading… The Jewel Garden by Monty and Sarah Don. I’ve read this before, but started to re-read it this week. It’s described as a story of ‘despair and redemption’ and is essentially a memoir about the collapse of their jewellery business in the late eighties, and what happened next. You don’t really need to be particularly interested in gardening to enjoy this (although it does help a bit). It’s beautifully written and I highly recommend it.

Enjoying… these delightful Emma Bridgwater rows of bright Christmas robinsagainst a twinkling midnight sky.

Another irresistible addition to my collection of Emma Bridgewater bits and pieces. If you want to add to your collection do see their 12 Days of Christmas promotions at the moment.

How are your Christmas preparations going?

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