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Ten Things To Do On A Rainy Easter Weekend

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

This Easter, the weather isn’t planning on playing ball. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that the forecast improves, but right now I’m looking at another day of rain, and snow is forecast on Easter Monday. Which is disappointing. It’s ok to be British and moan about it for a while. But when you’re ready, here are my best ideas for beating the wet-weather blues.

Stay indoors and eat chocolate. I won’t judge you if this is how you choose to spend your Easter weekend. It’s an enormously tempting prospect and at least part of my weekend will be spent like this. Ideally with a film or a good book.

Organise an indoor egg hunt. Avoid the usual free-for-all searches that are so easy in a garden. Instead, create an indoor treasure hunt with clues or riddles to follow. Keep the momentum going with a few treats along the way. Note to myself to organise for my Grandson next year as he might be just be old enough to enjoy.

Bake some Easter classics. I dug out my very old recipe book full of hand written specials that my children enjoyed years ago.

You could try making your own hot cross buns or a classic Simnel cake. Mary Berry has good recipes for both. Or if all else fails, hurl together some Rice Krispies, melted Mars Bars and mini eggs.

Get out for a walk anyway. Because you won’t actually melt in the rain, will you? Just one word of advice, go somewhere interesting. Choose a hill, the seaside or somewhere with a fun trail to follow. Or a National Trust house with a warm tea room.

Go to a museum or gallery. Try something new or an old favourite. The recently renovated Victorian Leeds Art Gallery is top of my list.

Hibernate for a few hours and sew. I’m finishing off a cushion for my Grandsons toy box.

The lovely fabric from Ian Mankin has been a dream to sew. I found this supplier of cut to size foam cushions covered in batting and cotton stockinet, so comfy for little ones to sit on.

Make your table pretty. There’s something irresistibly charming about spring flowers and Easter decorations. Make the effort to dress your table with pretty china, sprigs of blossom and those adorable little fluffy chicks.

Take a screen break. When you’re trapped indoors it’s very tempting to spend hours scrolling through your phone. Do it for a bit, but promise me you’ll take a break too? Pick up that book or magazine you’ve been meaning to read and enjoy it without digital distractions.

Garden in your head. It might be too wet and muddy to do any spring planting, but you can still dream. Buy some seeds and think of summer days.

Plan your next break or holiday. It’s all part of the fun to research your upcoming trips, I’ve got a short break in London coming up to visit Chelsea Physic Garden and in May a road trip to northern Spain in the Basque region. Currently I am watching a three-part travelogue on BBC2 Pilgrimage – The Road to Santiago. But I'll not be walking it unfortunately!

What are your favourite ways to beat the wet weather blues?

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