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Barbakan, a Polish Restaurant in York

Walmgate, one of the oldest streets in York is an interesting jumble of buildings from different periods and now home to innovative and traditional cafes, restaurants, delis and several pubs and a brewery or two.

Just one of these small restaurants is Barbakan which serves Polish food.

I’ve only ever gone in Winter where it’s just pure comfort food – eating there is like having a big warm hug. Though I should check out how their Summer menu fares in the coming months.

Barbakan is independently owned. I’m not sure how long it’s been open but it’s been there since around 2008 at least anyway. The restaurant itself is quite small – it only has room for around 45 covers or so. Booking is pretty much essential as they can get quite busy.

I love the decor – it’s quite quirky with signs and little statues and paintings everywhere. Also because it is so small, the atmosphere is quite cosy; rather like you’ve gone to a friend’s house for dinner.

I took myself for lunch recently. Thinking I was hungry I was tempted by this Polish starter – Pierogi. It came with potato and cheese, and it’s served with crispy bacon lardons, a little salad and sour cream. This dish alone is worth however many propoints, syns, calories… It is just the most delicious thing I’ve eaten without being too heavy and rich. It’s perfectly golden brown and crisp and fluffy and cheesy on the inside. Yum.

I had been recommended to have meat balls for my main course. All served in a large bowl with wild mushroom tomato sauce and pappardelle pasta. So tasty, but I was just a bit defeated. Blissfully defeated.

I would definitely recommend to anyone, whether you’ve had Polish food or not – the quality and taste is just well worth it. Prices are not too extortionate either. There are also special boards and during the day it does breakfast and is a cafe/deli with some delicious looking cakes. I also have to mention that the staff there are so friendly and are more than happy to help with any problem or question you might have. I have to say they go above and beyond.

There are more posts to follow on my sojourn along York’s historic Walmgate!
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