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YO Bakehouse: Tea and Cake in Malton

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

I must let you into a secret. It’s about cake and tea, or cake and coffee!

Where they meet hand in hand – that’s YO Bakehouse, a new artisan bakery and coffee house just off the market square in picturesque Malton. The town of Malton is well known for being the foodie capital of Yorkshire and includes some of the most unique food and drink producers in the area.

In August 2016 Chris and David opened their first (and definitely not last) coffee shop on Market Street, just off the attractive Market Square in Malton. I have previously met these talented guys at some of Yorkshires best-known food and drink events.

At YO Bakehouse they aim to create a relaxing experience filled with fabulous cakes, brownies and more. Their chosen coffee is roasted in Malton by ‘Roost’ and delicious loose tea is supplied by ‘Easy Teasy‘ of Newcastle upon Tyne and ‘Forleaves’ of Malton.

The face to face welcome and cosy interior is memorable, and certainly a place to linger.

They have on offer light lunches including a soup of the day, sandwiches and quiche, alongside the most delicious scones, fresh fruit tarts, flapjacks and brownies.

The most scrumptious scones include a savoury ploughman’s scone, the YO Bakehouse signature cheese scone, split and served with sliced apple and  onion marmalade, or for a sweeter edge, do try the lemon and poppy seed scone.

Fresh fruit tarts are always available. Kiwi, raspberry and blueberry all can be served with crème patisserie. Their Battenberg and millionaire’s shortbread is perfect to go with a pot of tea.

I recommend lingering here over morning coffee and the Yorkshire Post, or later in the afternoon, with tea and cake and browse a Yorkshire glossy magazine, but you could equally order ‘take out’.

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