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Winter Can Only Mean One Thing - Dry Hands

My hands can certainly appreciate a little help at this time of year. They are always a concern for me in winter so I’ve tried and tested a few nourishing hand products.

Like lip balms, hand creams fall into a not absolutely essential beauty category, so I tried affordable options that can be picked up in stores or online.

This is The Body Shop best-selling hand cream and £1 of every sale is donated to help Re-Wild the World through their World Bio-Bridges Mission.This is an initiative that protects and regenerates habitats.

This pale green cream is rich in hemp seed oil and really does help heal rough patches and reduce redness.

Hand cream with SPF is harder to find than you might think - which is annoying as your hands are as exposed to the elements as your face. This affordable option has been keeping hands protected for years. Keep it in the car because remember, UV rays get through windows too and your hands still need protecting when they’re stuck to the steering wheel.

This Neutrogena hand cream is also good for reducing those dreaded age spots that appear on hands, an age give away!

Proving hand creams can look really cool, Scandi brand ARKET does just that. Containing Swedish canola oil, oat lipids and birch sugar that help to moisturise the skin, the citrus scent is addictive too. A good all-rounder, it looks designer but it's a high street price. This is neat enough to keep in your bag for very frequent use.

I’ve loved selecting and working my mitts through these, which are just a few suggestions to keep your hands protected and soothed this winter!
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