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Three Things I'm Loving This Week

In a week of wind, drizzly rain and Brexit doom, I’m back to tell you about the things that made me smile this week.


I’m always excited to get the chance to go to Leeds Grand Theatre and this week I saw Victoria, created to mark the bicentenary of Queen Victoria’s birth.

This new production from Northern Ballet was stunning, full of passion and tragedy. It was told through the eyes of her youngest daughter Beatrice. The music was a cinematic score which did much of the storytelling. Northern Ballet are now off on a tour of the UK with this superb production of Victoria.

Do get tickets!


A new experience for me, a floral workshop with Kirsty from The Wilde hosted by the talented chef Kiki and owner of my favourite vegetarian restaurant in York, Cardamom and Dill.

Under the guidance of Kirsty, we were able to select the prettiest of spring blooms and foliage and create a bouquet to take home.

We also made a small table decoration, which added seasonal florals on the lunch table.

Kiki provided a lunch tasting plate which was full of Levantine delights. Included were chickpea and pomegranate molasses stew garnished with fresh dill and the very tasty roasted sweet potato and bulgur wheat koftas.

Then as a sweet treat we had Kiki’s Israeli orange and almond cake, a traditional dessert for Passover that draws on the Sephardic traditions of the Mediterranean, Morocco and the Middle East served with Greek yoghurt and fresh raspberries.


You know I love things Scandi, food especially, and thrilled to find Swedish cinnamon buns in York at Spark.

A new addition to Spark, Lotte the Baker has opened a small batch bakery serving up freshly baked and still warm cinnamon buns, and artisan bread plus hot drinks.

All made with love and help from her Mum. Lotte has lots of experience baking all things Scandi both in London and Stockholm.

She is using fruits and ingredients from the local market that would otherwise be dumped. Real rescued food and drink here!!

It was special having lots to smile about this week after a few blah weeks, now bring on Springtime!!
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