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Thora and The Prince

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

I’m loving this recovery, retirement and reinvention of my life.

A few weeks ago I had a recovery outing to Haxby, a delightful little town just north of York and discovered a gem of a shop on the main street called Thora & The Prince run by Rachel Stott.

It was so gorgeous I had to revisit and share some of the amazing things available now.

Thora & The Prince is the ‘go-to’ place when you need to get a gift for any member of the family, and you don’t know what to get but then you just end up seeing something. It’s that kind of place.  So whether it’s that last-minute Mothers’ Day, children’s birthday or Easter presents – you’ll probably find them here!

For those not local to Haxby, do visit the online shop here. Of course you won’t be able to choose from the gorgeous scarves placed for sale outside the front door of the shop!

Thora & The Prince is one of those amazing shops where you walk in and love it. You ‘get a feeling’ that makes you want to return.

What is that and why does it happen in so few places?

I believe that it occurs when a person who is the creator of the experience has been deliberate in staying true to them self and their core passion – their essence. In turn, when we experience it and ‘get it’ it calls to something in us if that is also ‘our style’!

Rachel has hit my style.

Pop along and see for yourself and let me know what you think.

G ∼♥∼ G

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