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The Victoria, Cattal, North Yorkshire

The Victoria sits just 400 metres off the main A59 road and only 10 metres from the platform of Cattal Station and the main railway line connecting York to Harrogate. If you time it right you can hop off the train, have lunch or dinner and jump back on to go home, brilliant. Not for us this rather chilly Friday tea time!

The welcome at the Victoria was warm, thankfully so too was the place. There is nothing pretentious in the décor, it is a proper pub and looks like a pub with its patterned carpet, dark wood tables, and a hugely impressive bar, making this place as appealing to drinkers as any hungry diners. We loved it.

Staff nip impressively around the busy bar and dining room yet still notice new arrivals. We were guided to the bar, drinks ordered and menus handed over in a jiffy.

Star of the bar is the goal scoring owner of the Victoria, Steve Balcombe. Yes he scored a goal for Leeds United against Aston Villa in a 1:1 draw in 1981.

One of the beers is also novel, Balky’s Best Bitter, a unique house beer brewed by Rudgate Brewery to Steve’s own tastes. There was also a selection of other local pulled ales

Looking at the specials boards, fish is the speciality of the house, and what a choice. Lobster and steak, lobster and king prawn thermidor, and whole lobster.

My choices were made:

Halloumi cheese and fresh water melon

Stone bass served with a prawn sauce and asparagus

And I have this thing about cauliflower cheese….perfectly presented here, my mark of a good restaurant.

Desserts, choices galore, but Crème Brulee with homemade shortbread hit the spot.

Our girly evening ended well, thanks to the lovely staff, Steves wife Gillian, warm hospitality and great food and drink at the Victoria Cattal.

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