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The Little Coffee House: A bright jewel

Selby is the birthplace of King Henry I, and if he was around today he would have a very bright jewel in his cafe crown, called The Little Coffee House.

It’s a superb café where the staff make me feel really welcome, are always very friendly and have plenty of banter. It has a modern feel downstairs, whereas upstairs is classier with grand sofas and armchairs to sit and enjoy your cake and tea.

The Little Coffee House lives up to the billing, with plenty of coffee options, as well as tea, soft drinks and hot chocolate.

It also has a good selection of hot food, including bagels and muffins that can be enjoyed with smoked salmon, poached/fried/scrambled eggs and bacon, huge plate salads for lunch, jacket potatoes, and gluten free bread is available. There are plenty of specials available on the chalkboards dotted around the cafe walls. There’s a super selection of homemade cakes – I tried the blueberry and pear cake which was incredible!

And also on this warm day I had iced lemon and green tea, and a prawn salad sandwich that came with an enormous side salad.

The Little Coffee House , is situated on the A19 heading into Selby with its magnificent Abbey, where there is parking available on and adjacent to this busy road.

The café is run by sisters Liz and Jane, who with their cheery and professional disposition, just make you want to go back soon for more tea and cakes.

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