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That Forever Friday Feeling


When I left my full-time job at the end of July, I looked forward to having more time and focus to devote to blogging. I decided to give myself a few months at the start to enjoy some ‘away from the clock’ time, not only to recover from cardiac ablation number 3, but to adjust to a freer schedule and figure out my own rhythms. There are times of the day I’m better at writing and creating, and others when I’m better able to knuckle down for more routine or repetitive tasks.

Can I just say I’m LOVING not having to go to my office along the landing every day at a certain time. I’ve kept myself quite busy without even really trying and now am ready to get a bit more of a handle on my schedule and where I’m going. Time to make a plan!!

But first a belated retirement BBQ was such fun

Guests wrote up some retirement bucket list suggestions for me.

Here are a few, what would you suggest?

Be a super Grandma

Travel First Class

Put together a family cook book

Take a photo every day for a year

Go an entire day without using any technology

Learn to ‘sign’ for the deaf

Take a road trip down the West coast of Ireland

Go on a pic nic

Learn to cook a meal from each continent

Get my daily steps in to get to the top of the Fitbit league

Enjoy one new country or city every year

Learn a musical instrument

Grow old with someone you love

A meal at the top of the Shard

Visit and explore New Zealand

Climb Hoad

Driving licence for a pram

Write, read, garden, eat, knit, craft…..

Now where shall I start? Oh yes, off to Zurich next week, first class, to meet my Aussie pen pal who I’ve not seen for many, many years….. that’s one or two ticked off the bucket list!

G ∼♥∼ G

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