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Staying Positive in January

I know that I am not alone in thinking that January is one of the hardest months of the year to get through.

All the festive cheer of the holidays is behind you, the decorations are down, it’s usually just cold and slightly rainier and the nights are still long and daylight short. Plus, there’s not a Bank Holiday in sight. 

I have fond memories of the long and late autumn we had. A few days at Lakeside Hotel in Cumbria is so restful.

In late November-December it was still quite difficult, but I’m so distracted by festive fun that it rushes by. Those post-holiday blues can be a killer though. The full weight of winter and lack of sunshine often come crashing down on my shoulders as soon as January 1st is done and dusted. It was brightly distracted this year by spending New Year in Stockholm.

For me, February is so short that it doesn’t stress me out so much, and March? Well, March is basically spring in my eyes – light length at least. But January. Oh January. My old foe. 

So this year, I am going to find the joy and positivity in January with some simple tasks. Maybe you’d like to join in!

Staying Positive in January Tasks

Go for a long walk and just be outside. Red Januaryfor me! Read for 20 minutes before bed.  Look after my body with just a little bit more care and respect.

Wrap up and spend a few minutes on the patio with a cup of chai tea.

Meditate for 3 minutes. Start small. Download the Headspace app if you need help.  Listen to a podcast whilst cooking dinner. Too much choice on the new BBC Sounds app.

Apply a fresh coat of nail polish/varnish. Eat a rainbow of vegetables.  Creative a positive affirmation to use every morning for the rest of the month. Have breakfast / brunch at a new (to you) cafe. Spend 1 hour decluttering.  Stay off your mobile phone for one full evening as soon as work is over. Buy yourself a plant or small succulent.  Message a friend to make plans to meet up. 

Go to the theatre: Studies have shown that people are 3rd happiest at the theatre (behind sex and exercise).  Go on a mini-adventure where you live (a museum exhibit, an art walk around town).  Wash all your bed linens. Hang the duvet or pillows out of the window to ‘air’ as Europeans do!

Buy yourself a bunch flowers, bright tulips? Go to bed early enough to ensure 8 hours of sleep.  Light a few candles and listen to one whole album with your favourite beverage post-dinner. Don’t watch any telly/Netflix/films. Bake some bread.  Try a new hobby. My new learning curve is Sashiko, Japanese stitching. Give yourself a foot soak in a small footbath with Epsom salts before your nightly pre bed routine. Drink 6-8 glasses of water throughout the day. Don’t eat lunch at your desk. Write a list of every amazing thing you’ve done this month plus anything that has occurred that’s made you happy.

Do you need a boost to get you through January?


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