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Recovering from Covid-19 virus

Using my brain to write a blog post has been outside of my capability for the last three weeks.

Yes, I had a positive test and suffered all the symptoms and more besides. I have been properly anxious and frightened spending so much time isolated and ill on my own.

When my COVID-19 symptoms were at their worst, I was solely focused on the basics: resting, hydrating and monitoring myself for worsening symptoms.

But I am recovering and thanks to regular check-ins by friends and family, the future looks just slightly positive once again.

Now, as my road to recovery becomes clearer and clearer, I wonder what my "new normal" will look like once my symptoms subside. Unlike the common illnesses we're used to, like a cold or the flu, COVID-19 comes with a few extra question marks.

I still have muscle weakness, mental fogginess and a few other symptoms which can linger.

Positive Pick Me Ups During Recovery

Baking - Today I made a banana loaf, as is the current baking trend during a lockdown. Thanks Mary Berry for the recipe. The good news is I could smell it cooking and it tasted of banana. Another positive.

TV - I have not had the brain space to be interested in TV but the last few days I have been catching up on Outlander showing on Amazon Prime. I am only just into Series 1 and Series 6 is officially coming back. It is based on the gripping historical time travel novels by Diana Gabaldon, beautifully and intimately filmed in Scotland.

My cat - It’s not easy living alone and recovering from Covid but with the company of my British Shorthair, Sunshine, she has been so comforting to snuggle up to in bed and have some much-missed human hugs with.

Knitting - How soothingly therapeutic it is to pick up needles once again and knit. I am on a project deadline to knit a scarf for my grandsons upcoming 4th birthday.

Positive Winter Mindset - As the dark nights draw in even earlier and ever colder, the prospect of winter lockdowns across the UK fill many with dread. But not me! I always adopt a positive winter mindset, being grateful that we can wrap up warm and go on a winter walk.

Top tips:

  • Get a winter wardrobe. British raincoats aren't enough, so layer up!

  • Light candles to give yourself a comforting break from the darkness outside

  • Try to take notice of nature and small things around you, like a tree or a ray of sunshine

Reading – A positive sign as my brain can now cope with language once again. I am reading two books - Boy Swallows Universe, an international best seller by Trent Dalton. And Little Sister by Isabel Ashdown, a signed copy which I was thrilled to receive from Isabel.

Thank you so much to my friends and family who have cared from a distance.
Love You All Lots

Finally, look after your immune system, it is your best friend through all of this. Listen to official advice and stay home wherever possible.

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