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Olive and Auburn: Project Bags

Olive and Auburn knitting project bags are designed to ultimately please the needs of both knitters and crafters. Elegant, stylish and neat, they are conceived and made for the selective and proud knitter, like you.

They are expertly hand made in North Yorkshire with the best cotton and linen available: each collection is updated every once in a while, depending on availability.

Their mission is to help you become a neat and tidy knitter while having a relaxing time, because knitting is therapeutic as well as being fun.

A project bag for knitting or crochet is a bag made specifically to hold your knitting or crochet project, while being handy, useful and stylish. It’s light and roomy with those useful pockets.

It’s beautiful to see and handsomely made. It’s durable, sturdy and, basically, your next best knitting friend.

The criteria for their designs had to include not being too heavy, not too light, made from natural cotton, no leather, foldable, not too heavy or light, and importantly washable!

There are no zips in their bags where your yarn can get tangled and ruined for ever. I tested a protype as my own project bag ensuring it kept my yarn safe and dust free, and far away from cat paws and children’s jammy hands.

I have always avoided extremely stiff looking project bags: they are made with waxed cotton or they contain interfacing, which will lose its stiffness with time and leave you with a lifeless bag.

Olive and Auburn use cotton for the outer covering in floral fabrics that depict botanicals reminiscent of visits to Botanical Gardens around the world. Each bag is lined with cotton fabric including pockets galore.

Olive and Auburn do not sell yarn or needles at the moment. But they sell everything for you to put your yarn and needles in, and then for you to make stuff with them!

You can order online here, but note that lead time is two to three weeks as the bags are made to order, so please allow for construction time.

"Now, let us all take a deep breath, and forge on into the future; knitting at the ready." Elizabeth Zimmermann

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