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Nutrition Joe's Harrogate

A little while ago my daughter and I decided to try a new-ish ‘urban style’ cafe in Harrogate.

Nutrition Joe’s (NJ’s) opened earlier this year as part of an independent gym in the centre of town. This was a therapy treat while I awaited a recently planned stay in hospital. My daughter has recently joined the gym here so she is the fit person of this duo.

This bright and homely café has personality as soon as you walk in the door, and you want to linger.

Whether you’re after a healthy breakfast that feels naughty or a long lunch filled with flavour and delight, you need look no further. They have beautiful local breads, chickens roasting and homemade salads and nutritional cakes on display.

What could be better than a great café next to a gym, the place to try a different healthy version of afternoon tea? This was presented on platters of recycled vinyl records.

Starting on the bottom vinyl were neat wraps of smoked salmon, pulled pork and salad. Middle vinyl temptingly displayed wholemeal scones, homemade hummus and thin crisps, and proudly on the top deck were chocolate cakes and the tastiest energy gluten free balls containing date, cocoa and pumpkin seeds.

Not so naughty but oh so nice!

NJ’s menu is packed with healthy options, even a skinny cheesecake. NJ’s meatballs, steak, burghers and sweet potato fries and several varieties of deli salads would make great lunch or dinner options.

There are healthy homemade smoothies, shakes and juices, as well as beers and local pale ale, plus a small wine menu.

NJ’s felt like one of the best places to steal yourself away for a few hours of reading, working or simply people watching.

There is nothing better than independent foodie places and as luck would have it, Harrogate loves indie establishments. As fast as chains are popping up indies are hot on their heels so I feel the start of a series of indies I’ll be sharing here on my blog once I have recovered from my latest hospital procedure.

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