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May in My Yorkshire Garden

I do apologise for this rather late May update.

I’m sorry that I don’t have an excuse, it’s just that I’ve been busy retreating to my garden, where I’ve been able to plant, plot and potter away and spirit my mind away from the current situation, relaxing in warming restorative sunshine.

My whole garden – the whole of nature – is shot through with a green energy that is unstoppable and now at the end of the month spills out into the fulsomeness of summer.

Time grows too. The days are becoming deliciously long – with dawn appearing before 5 am and now at the end of the month we can garden outside until 10pm. But as I get older and another May comes around, I am increasingly aware of how precious this time is. The days tumble by too fast and I have to stop and drink it all in so I can store this May-time richness and draw upon it later.

So, here are some of my special flowering moments from my cosy and intimate courtyard garden bringing some semblance of peace to me at the end of May.

My front garden has been inconsiderately destroyed by builders working next door, so I have a new project to develop and it gives me a sense of hope for this very different summer.

And never have we needed or appreciated a garden more than now, it’s a place to stop over-thinking and be still.


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