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Lotte the Baker in York

Loving all foodie things Scandi, I’m excited to have found Lotte the Baker in York!

Lotte has started a small batch organic Scandi bakery in a 20 ft. shipping container in York, now part of the Spark development in the city centre.

She bakes everything from scratch throughout the day so you can always indulge in a warm cinnamon bun, be social and have fresh coffee with friends.

Lotte was lucky enough to be invited to work with a baker who worked at Bageri Petrus in Stockholm who are mega famous for their cinnamon buns.

And look what Lotte now bakes in her bakery, Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) and other Scandi small batch cakes.

Beautiful people grow ugly fruits and her fruity seasonal bakery rescue allotment and surplus local produce to use in their buns, fruit and flower cordials and compote. She also operates a fruit and flower exchange for fresh baking in the local community.

Lotte’s dream for the future is to develop her micro bakery school and eventually find a forever home for the bakery and bakery family.

Office workers in York will soon be able to tear and share and indulge in Fika.

Fika is the Swedish institution of breaking for a coffee and pausing to break the hustle and bustle of everyday living. It’s usually taken with a pastry or a cake, together with friends, colleagues or family.

Lotte will soon be delivering warm buns to offices in York by bike.

Meanwhile the bakery is open within Spark Wednesday to Sunday 10am til sold out!

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