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Life Lately: 10 Things That Made Me Happy Recently

I’ve been so busy during June and thought about time I did one of these posts that I’ve been itching to do.

June was so sunny and warm, full of outings, a birthday or two, a wedding, and some staycations and weekend getaways with family and friends. There’s been a lot going on, with not much time to myself…but I’m not complaining. Just wallowing in the moment of being healthy to enjoy!! 

>>> I had one of those inner happy moments recently when my grandson walked to my front door, knocked, and then walked in, all by himself!! A happy Granny Goose!

>>> I celebrated being in my little house, with its little garden for its 5th birthday. It is perfect for me, and comforting to accept that you don’t need a big house to have that at home feeling.  

My Snow Goose rose, so pretty!

>>> I binge watched the final series of The Bridge. Copenhagen and Malmo calling again??

>>> Reading moments have introduced me to Ikigai, the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. A super little book all about the Japanese concept which translates roughly as “the happiness of always being busy”.

>>> I finally watched “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society” after wanting to see it for months. It was every bit as good as I hoped it would be. Funny, moving: it was everything I wanted in a romantic and historical film. Guernsey calling??

>>> There is nothing quite like growing your own salad ready to cut just when you need. I have a bowl of baby leaf salad just by my back door, ready now for cutting and enjoying for the next week or so.

Bright and spicy salad mix

>>> I have friends nearby who have developed a garden in the same five years that I have been living in my little house. They took inspiration from a visit to Beth Chatto’s garden. So happy to visit and enjoy the work of this artistic couple, who also made me lunch!

I’ve treated myself to a few little luxuries recently…

>>> I received a Myroo Skincare parcel recently and I was over the moon about it! 

Myroo is a Yorkshire brand (made in Harrogate) and all their products are vegan, organic and natural. There are fragrance-free options for every product and they are cruelty-free as well. As I use up old products, I’m gradually trying to replace them with cruelty-free versions wherever possible, so this was so welcome.

The first thing I’ve tried is the Gentle Cleanser. It has Apricot Kernel Oil, Starflower Oil and is scented with Orange Blossoms.  I especially like the muslin cloth for extra exfoliation. Then there’s the skin boost serum with the same scent profile with the addition of rosehip and raspberry seed oil. I’ve been using for a few weeks and impressed. They have free UK shipping, FYI! 

>>> I recently met Little Beau Sheep, another Yorkshire company. Their range offers a natural and hand-made take on laundry and body care celebrating the wonders of British wool. A collection that’s kind to clothes, skin and the environment. I’m loving the soothing lanolin balm, perfect for dry lips and the odd patch of dry skin. All available here.

>>> I have just discovered Soap Daze, Sarah runs her workshop in her garden in Devon making amazing boutique quality soaps. All products are vegan and palm oil free. No artificial fragrances, only essential oils. I’m using her cotton scrubbies rather than disposable cotton pads. I might have a go at making my own soon. Watch this space.

My plans for July hope to be a little more relaxed, and I will be making time to catch up on writing my travel blogs, and boosting my winter induced insufficient Vitamin D levels.

Happy sunshine!

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