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Life Lately || 10 Things That Have Made Me Happy

10 Things that have made me happy recently

I just realized that I haven’t written one of these posts in over a year. I think it’s because life has been fairly sedate since the lockdown started and there wasn’t too much difference in the day to day.

But actually, a fair bit has happened. So here we go.

Having pursued freelance work for the last six months, a sort of calm has descended as I realised that I have been in the corporate world for too many years. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is doing its best to be utilised, but consultants are just not prepared to take up my offers…so time to hand over to the millennials! I’m happy with that!

I’ve been in a bubble with my daughter and family just loving spending time with my two grandsons who had not forgotten Granny Goose during lockdown. Number 1 poppet has grown in confidence and height, Number 2 poppet will be crawling soon and has two teeth and loves a cuddle with Granny Goose. I’m happy with that!

I have been on a couple of adventures with my bubble family, visiting a National Trust garden, Beningbrough Hall and also nearby Lotherton Hall, all outdoors and social distancing friendly. I’m happy with that!

Crafting – I made banners made from felt with the poppet’s names for each of them. I followed the basic idea from Love & Renovations but actually sewed the letters on to the felt rather than gluing. I’m happy with that!

Crafting - I have made face coverings, for myself and family and great for using up scraps of Fabric stashed in a box for a suitable rainy day. I’ve used patterns from various websites but everyone likes this style from Instructables craft which is so easy and quick to make. I’m happy with that!

Crafting – There has been knitting galore, from a winter sweater for Number 1 poppet to buying a stash of yarn for my next project, and my next. Yorkshire Yarn Fest had to be cancelled this year. Its normally held at Skipton Cattle Market in July but this year was held virtually showcasing amazing wools including all the knitting bits and bobs you could think of. Knitting heaven. I couldn’t resist all that yarn, so I bought online from Joanna Wood Paint. She produces wonderful hand dyed yarns and many of her colourways are inspired by the pallets of fine artists and their masterpieces. So, I went for the Monet’s waterlily inspiration. I’m happy with that!

Reading – My fav book of the year so far has to be ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ by Delia Owens, so painfully beautiful. Read it! I couldn’t put it down! I’m happy with that!

My new front garden – There have been builders working next door putting an extension on the house. They have been so careless and tardy destroying shrubs and generally trampling inconsiderately on my garden for months. But, I now have a new front gravel garden with a pretty little rambling rose to train up the wall called Rambling Rosie from David Austin. I’m very happy with that!

Eating out – for the first time in five months I had lunch at my local award winning village pub, The Queen O’ T’Owd Thatch, the Thack as we locals call it…twice!! I’m happy with that!

Number 10 – I have a new project underway which has taken quite a bit of research and going to take quite a lot of my time in the next few weeks. I can’t tell you what…yet! But I’m happy with that!!

What have you been happy about lately?

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