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Knitting: Every Knitter Deserves a Project Bag

We’ve all been there: you have five minutes to leave the house and you’re frantically scrabbling around for a knitting project you can work on while you’re out. Where are the needles? Will one ball of yarn be enough? Did you remember the tape measure?

If, like mine, your knits live in a heap next to your favourite comfy chair rather than being neatly tidied away, you need to get yourself a knitting project bag. With their specially designed pockets for holding needles and notions, knitting storage bags will help you get organised – and mean you always have a portable project to hand.

Knitting bags come in several categories: knitting storage bags (with space for tools, yarn and work-in-progress), knitting tote bags (great for individual projects), and knitting needle organisers (to keep your craft space, or your other knitting bags, tidy).

There are so many options and let’s face it, we all have to prioritise our budget.

I have made the perfect project bag

Have you had your needles go through your project bag and break - I have, so this bag is lined with close woven cotton poplin which is lightweight and tough? I took this bag on holiday recently.

It held two small projects, there was no damage and included lots of pockets for bits and bobs. It was perfect.

I don't know about you, but I'm always closing up my bag in a hurry, with zipper bags you have to worry that you aren't zipping your yarn up. That isn't a problem with this bag, the drawstring keeps the yarn safe.

This is truly the perfect project bag - every knitter needs at least two of these bags.

Let me know if you want one!

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