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June in My Yorkshire Garden

Summer has arrived

The anticipation in the lead up to summer has been building up for many months. And this year June has been so different, lockdown has been sort of easing in a scary and apprehensive way for me.

My garden is and always been my therapy and safe place. I have no great desire to venture out apart from seeing my close family.

The extra light and hot weather, and more recently wind and rain, has encouraged the garden to put on an exuberant burst of growth.

But this extra light and warmth also means weeds have sprouted up from seemingly nowhere. But my raised beds are now full of planted colours and that vibrant greenness of newness.

This year I’ve got tomatoes in pots as well a sunflower or two.

This is my back garden on this last day of June.

And this is my front garden which has been vandalised, and that’s what if feels like anyway, by inconsiderate and careless builders putting an extension to my neighbour’s house. But watch this space as I have my front garden reinstated in July!!

As we leave June, your garden, like mine, will be a glorious affair full of scent and soft flower.
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