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Japanese Knot Bags: Handmade in Yorkshire

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Japanese Knot Bags are fabric bags which have a beautiful shape, due to the bag having only one main strap. It is looped through a short strap on the opposite side which brings the bag top together. Therefore, closure devices are not required. No zips, buttons or buckles. This certainly ensures a beautifully simplistic design and style which can easily be created in various sizes.

I just love the design of these Japanese knot bags. They are a large size knot bag and are made by me in my home in North Yorkshire. I developed the design and pattern of these roomy Japanese knot bag to make them bigger. When full they can stand independently and make a beautiful simple organic shape. To close you put the longer strap through the shorter one, simple but amazingly effective.

The space inside the bag is big enough to hold your latest knitting project or crotchet work in progress!

It is also the perfect size for a packed lunch, water bottle, jumper or a wonderful gift for that ‘hard to buy for’ person in your life.

I have made smaller wrist held bags which are good to keep your essentials safe when out and about, purse, phone, keys, mask and glasses.

I like to work with beautiful fabrics, many which are one offs. Please contact me if you have any further questions or would like to place a custom order.

Wrapping and postage All my items are wrapped in tissue paper, and I use as much recyclable outer packaging as possible to safely get the parcel to you. I use the local Post Office to send my parcels. I endeavour to get them sent out as quickly as possible and always get proof of postage or signed for according to their value.

It’s unclear the initial purpose of these bags and how the name originated.

My own research would indicate that the term ‘Japanese knot’ could have been introduced into our Western culture from the method of tying the belt/sash of a Japanese kimono, obi.

Or possibly it is the modern version of a kimono bag that was attached to the sash of a Japanese kimono and known as a kinchaku where you would keep loose coinage, cosmetics, lucky charms, hand warmers and other small items.

You can email for more information

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