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Its Chelsea Week

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

So it’s the end of May already and before you know it we’ll be luxuriating in fresh new Summer growth so today’s post is all about my garden as I’m preparing for Chelsea.

General Maintenance

General maintenance is as good a place to start if any. Assuming like myself that you’re not starting a garden from scratch, you’ll want to make sure that you get kitted up for the season ahead. If there are three gardening tools I can’t live without then they have to be a hand trowel, a small fork and some garden gloves.

Both the hand trowel and fork are incredibly useful when it comes to planting, weeding and moving soil. I’m also a sucker for traditionalism and like the wooden handle for aesthetic reasons.

And whilst I don’t mind getting my hands dirty I find keeping a pair of gardening gloves to hand incredibly useful when it comes to pruning plants that are especially prickly – I’m looking at you roses!

I now have a patio that almost sparkles after it recently had its annual clean with a good pressure washing session.


Admittedly tulips are drawing to the end of their season now, as are primroses and winter pansies but as they fade the joys of roses, alliums and aquilegia all take centre stage which makes me very happy indeed.

This year I’ve decided to focus on a mostly all-white colour scheme for one of my raised flower beds, some of which I’ll be cutting for use in floral arrangements for the house too. I’ve planted Cosmos Bipinnatus ‘Purity’ and Cosmos Bipinnatus ‘Psyche White’ as well as white snapdragons and Ammi Majus into pots and they’re coming on a treat.

I love the idea of mixing culinary herbs with beautiful flowers in terracotta pots and positioning them in clusters on my new addition, my étagère. You can’t beat plain terracotta for good value and a classic look plus I love the weathered appearance that they take on after a few seasons outside.

For entertaining outdoors, I like to add some florals and greenery to my patio table and love this little terracotta pot with a succulent from Aldi. Smaller terracotta pots filled with colourful bedding plants is a budget friendly way of adding some beauty to your outside space.

Place small pots in informal groupings on outdoor tables for instant charm but don’t forget to move them to more sheltered spots in inclement weather.

When I was feeling a bit under the weather recently, a friend brought me an addition to my ‘Greygoose’ family, my very own gooseberry bush. I love all recipes gooseberry, don’t you?


RHS Chelsea, the world’s most prestigious flower show that inspires millions through showcasing the best in garden design is here and there will be lots of ideas to take away from a nightly viewing on BBC2. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Chelsea but from experience you do get to see more on telly, but I do miss the thrill of the scents and visuals plus the whole Chelsea experience.

I’m looking forward to seeing the show garden designed by Tracy Foster – ‘The Welcome to Yorkshire Garden’. This garden celebrates the stunning Yorkshire coast by bringing a slice of it to the capital. The gardens aim is to highlight the beauty of Yorkshire and inspire people to experience Gods own county for themselves. Good luck Tracy!

I have plans to visit a few of my own Yorkshire local gardens and will post here for you to see quite soon.

Happy Chelsea Week everyone!

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