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It's Spring

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Oh the weather has SO changed has it not?

Can’t wait to share some gorgeous pics of the best of our countryside with you, photography course coming up!!

I’m trying to mix up my posts a little (I know – living on the edge!) with ‘what I’m loving this week’ and Sundays’ will be more of a feature post. Time restraints, life, reinventing myself, and delights of being a Granny are all responsible so we’re just going with the flow!

So, where do I start?

Today I’m indulging in a post about loving this Spring sunshine with a flavour of March in my garden.

Handsome Helleborus

Really loving this new Yorkshire Flowerpot planted up with garlic from The Garlic Farm. Just wait for an update on my garlic pot!

Greygoose is smiling and enjoying the first of this years sunshine in her garden!


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