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Gloomy January

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Ah, January. This month has felt like one of many gloomy days, feeling under par and those back-to-work blues. Let’s face it, we all need a boost right now. And what better way to do it than with fashion? Ideally, you want something that’ll give you a spring in your step, without spending too much.

Here are three sweet little ways I’ve tried to inject a bit of fun and happiness back into my wardrobe this January…

The classic beret: for jaunty days and rainy days 

The humble beret is back and just as cute as ever. Right now, all the best people are wearing them. It’s more sophisticated than the bobble hat – and it has just the right amount of jaunty oo la la. I bet you have one lurking somewhere, don’t you?

I treated myself to this one!

Rust wool beret, £9.99, New Look

As the temperatures plunge, you need to protect your hands against the worst of winter

Leather gloves do the job of woolly ones but just look so much chicer. They’re an investment that will last you for cold-snaps for years to come.

I have to thank a local and long established company, Tommy Tou!

I’ve found these classic leather, and sheepskin lined gloves from a Yorkshire company based in Halifax, Tommy Tou. So snug and smart for my winter walks.

A colourful scarf

It’s chilly out there and a scarf just keeps that cold air out! Each winter I get out my Missoni wool scarf and it’s now become my winter comforter.

Founded in 1953 by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni in Varese, Italy, Missoni’s colourful knitwear designs are now instantly recognisable the world over. Their iconic zigzag motifs, stripes and wave patterns continue to evolve, but at a price. My beloved scarf was bought in a second hand designer clothes shop in Sheffield for a few pounds, not hundreds of pounds.

So, January has very much been a month of darkness and hibernation. Sunny days will soon be here, my garden is getting ready for a revamp, and plans are in place for some trips in February.

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