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Facial Treats: Sheffield Skincare

A few weeks ago I had an unexpected few days in hospital. After having only basic NHS emergency kit, which didn’t include anything other than a small bar of what might have been soap, a hard dry towel and a toothbrush, my skin appeared to suffer and I arrived home feeling pretty rubbish with skin that felt dry, dehydrated and more sensitive than usual and a little worse for wear.

But my saviour was awaiting – a selection of skincare products for mature and dry skin from Megan, owner of Sheffield Skincare Company. These products were really my saviour as I recovered over the next few days.

All Megan’s products are handmade in small batches, and each product aptly named after places in Sheffield or local Sheffield sayings. All her products are 100% natural.

Cleansing was the first treat, Beauchief Beauty, a handmade moisturising cleansing face balm. As soon as I massaged the balm over my face and then laid the warm muslin cloth (as provided) over my face for a few minutes, and all the grimness of hospital floated away!

It did what it said on the box, and I use it every day now

This rejuvenating balm will remove all make up, dirt and grime from your face and neck area without being harsh to the skin, the combination of grape seed, hazelnut and rosehip oil, and shea and mango butters will give superior cleansing and moisturisation without leaving an oily residue or drying the skin.

Hoping to restore my body to a degree of normality, I upped my green tea consumption and applied a face mask, Yorkshire Rose. The mask has been created to provide an extra special treat for the skin, Pink Australian clay which helps to draw impurities without drying the skin. Ground oats help fight flaky skin, rose petals smooth and moisturise, and cocoa powder and marshmallow leaf plump sallow and wrinkled skin. Yes, I had a very pink face for ten minutes but again it did what it said on the tin and after washing off with warm water, my skin felt softer and less irritated.

My final treat from Sheffield Skincare was a rose skin toner aptly named Young un’. This toner is made from pure Rose Hydrosol and nothing else. Rose softens and tones dry or mature skin, and used as a mist straight out of the fridge, you can let it dry naturally on the skin or use with dampened cotton wool to help remove any makeup or cleansing product residue.

I’m pleased to report that I am now sporting a rather increased glow after applying religiously every day for the last 10 days. So impressed am I by the results I’m very tempted to invest in the Bees Knees whipped hand, foot and body lotion – with healing honey to prepare my body for its next hospital visit.

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