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Copenhagen in Three Days

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

A couple of weekends ago a friend and I  landed at Copenhagen Airport, with an address for an Airbnb apartment, a 72 hour Copenhagen City travel pass, and an exciting prospect of three days ahead to explore this Danish capital city. I absolutely adored our three days in Copenhagen and here are the reasons why:

Unbelievably cool Scandi design and our delightful Airbnb

Copenhagen was my first Airbnb stay and it literally couldn’t be topped – I’m now an enormous advocate of Airbnb. The apartment in residential Christianshaven was both 5 stops on the Metro and 15 minutes from the airport, right next to one of the many canals. It belonged to a doctor in southern Denmark, their flat was clean and bright, with minimalist features that gave me the impression of living inside a friend’s house. Having a kitchen for breakfast and a relaxing lounge, with a balcony view over the canal just made our trip.

Cycles everywhere

You have to watch out for them when crossing a road. The city’s small and the cycle lanes are a bit confusing but eventually you figure them out, and learn that cycles rule. As Danes cycle everywhere, I am sure that is why they are so fit, not overweight …and so good looking!!

Tasting menus galore

Denmark is renowned for its food and I can completely vouch for its reputation. Tasting menus appear to be ever-present and we devoured one delicious tasting menu at Eldorado, baby restaurant of Michelin star Kadeau next door.

This was a brunch tasting menu on a plate at Café Norden, two stops away on the Metro and right in the centre of Copenhagen.

The canals and water

In Copenhagen you’re never too far from the water. The water bus, included in the City Pass, takes you along the main canal system, to scenic Nyhavn (the port where you’ll no doubt recognise the brightly coloured townhouses which seem to be the official symbol of the city and where The Danish Girl was filmed).

Then on to the Little Mermaid statue perched on a rock.

Past the Opera House.

And back to the apartment near the newly opened Circle Bridge.

Relative lack of tourist attractions – more about the lifestyle

It was lovely to explore Copenhagen at a relaxed pace. Copenhagen has few attractions so we decided not to bother with the museums and to focus on emulating the Danish lifestyle: good food, walking around, and enjoying the peace while watching the world go from the balcony of the Airbnb.

It was…. Shhhh…fifty years since my last visit, and was again impressed how relaxing it was to spend a sunny and warm Saturday afternoon amongst the Danes.

Unplanned night at the ballet

Passing the Royal Danish Theatre, in we popped and got tickets for The Royal Danish ballet performing Don Quixote, and in the presence of the Danish Queen. The audience was required by tradition to rise and remain standing until the Queen is comfortably seated.

A stunningly beautiful memorable performance.

The art of Danish Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga)

In essence, hygge means creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people around you. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge. Friends and family, that’s hygge too. And let’s not forget the eating and drinking, preferably sitting around the table for hours on end discussing the big and small things in life. Perhaps the Danish idea of hygge explains why Danes are often considered the happiest people in the world?

Time I reinvented myself!!!

This trip was a great confidence booster for me, to travel and fly again…think I might just have got my travel bug back!! Staying in a real apartment and taking everything at a more relaxed pace was exactly the right travel style for a city like Copenhagen, and I think I’ll do it again. And I really recommend you add Copenhagen to your wish list as well.

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