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Billy Bob's Parlour

The owners of Billy Bob’s have created a 1950’s retro Americana magic place in the Yorkshire Dales.

Not quite what you expect to find mid-way between Skipton and Bolton Abbey amidst the rolling hills of North Yorkshire along with stunning scenery, and cows. But this is also a dairy farm and sustainable at that, certainly when it comes to anything dairy based. This is Billy Bob's.

You’ve really got to see it to believe it! It’s is a Cape Cod style parlour and diner and you do enter a nostalgic journey of all things 1950’s America. Pride of place is an authentic Airstream serving up expertly drawn expresso drinks, a restored 1940’s Chicago soda stream, and a wonderful genuine American school bus (kitted out so you can dine in!).

For big and little kids super thick milk shakes come in a range of flavours and include choc peanut butter and banoffee. The ridiculous delicious sundae selection is extensive. I was tempted by this…Black Cherry Chocolate Bomb – black cherry ice cream layered between homemade brownie pieces and soft whip vanilla, with white chocolate chips, juicy black cherries and decorated with milk chocolate shavings.

The breakfast and mains menu is extensive and very retro – from fluffy pancakes with seriously crispy bacon dripping in maple syrup to Chicago style hot dogs, buttermilk fried chicken, nachos, smoked ribs, pulled pork and an array of lip-smacking ‘fixins’ and sides. Everything screams Rock n Roll and the T Birds. Be warned though, this place is not for the faint hearted – if you tend to dodge the carbohydrates and fight the fat then I wouldn’t bother. It would be a torturous experience. But the staff have information on all the dishes should you have food sensitivities or allergies and there are gluten free and veggie options.

Billy Bob’s is great whatever the weather but it is always good to head up there when the sun is shining.

A little warning, the rest of Yorkshire also seem to head up there when the weather is decent and that’s probably down to a fantastic children’s play area and a south facing terrace with plenty of outdoor seating. Somehow though they always seem to manage and although there might be a slightly longer wait for grub on a busy day, the play area and awesome play barn does a great job at keeping little people entertained. I would suggest you book a table ahead of the drive into the Dales, rain or shine, and get the flavour of mid 20th century Americana at Billy Bob's.

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